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November 13, 2016 10:26 pm Published by

To begin, it’s maybe useful to explain how I’ve started off this site in just a couple hours (something which I do plan to build upon).

First off it uses WordPress – as I wanted to set up a blog where I can record useful code snippets and techniques I come across for future reference. Additionally I can discuss and reflect on projects I’ve been working on too. Therefore, setting up a WordPress install is a super quick and easy way to do this and it’s flexible for future expansion.

Secondly I used HTML5 Blank theme as a parent and created a child theme. I find this theme really useful for a quick set up as it sets up basic requirements and functions and leaves most of the styling (unsurprisingly) blank. What CSS it does give you is easy to strip away if you don’t need it.

Thirdly the styling, my ‘go to’ minimalist CSS framework is Skeleton. It provides an easy to implement responsive grid system along with a few other nice style aspects to get you started.

From there I grabbed a quick color palette from material palette.

Then with a few minor adjustments I have something to get me started without a major time outlay. I’m always finding myself short of time and setting up a portfolio can be daunting so for now I’m glad I’ve finally made some sort of inroad.

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